Job Description

Move 13-15 pieces of museum-quality wooden Buddha statues that are exquisitely painted and gold gilded.  The biggest of the statues are over 8 ft tall and weighs 660 lbs.  The others are less weighty and not as tall, ranging from 300 to 600 lbs.


The altar is a 3-tier waterfall style structure.  It is 40-ft wide and 20-ft deep.  Each step of the 3 levels are 3-4 feet tall.

Side view of the altar

Side view of the altar


The statues are currently in their shipping crates stored in a room on the same floor, inside the building.  The crates (with extra low pallet base) need to be moved to the altar, unpacked, and moved onto the altar.

Core Considerations

  • The movers must have a successful record of moving heavy, high value, and delicate items.  A piano or heavy antique would be a good comparison.
  • The movers are expected to possess both white glove finesse and the brawn to lift 600-700 lbs. for a vertical distance of 3-4 feet.
  • Machines and tools such as ramps that may damage the altar should be avoided.
  • Some statues are gold gilded, which may impede certain methods of holding/grabbing/carrying them.
  • Movers must be able to work with temple’s personnel on site to clarify and carry out moves as directed

Statue Measurements

Wooden StatuesHeight (in)Width (in)Depth (in)Weight (lb)
Vairocana (main)947345484
Vairocana (base)---616
Vairocana (back dŽcor)---616
Amitabha (main)833122143
Amitabha (base)---66
Amitabha (back dŽcor)---110
Medicine Buddha833122143
Medicine Buddha (base)---66
Medicine Buddha (back dŽcor)---110
Golden Mother (main)594137616
Golden Mother (base)---484
Grand Master (main)434637484
Grand Master (base)---396
Guru Rinpoche (main+base+back dŽcor)432828484
Ucchusma (main)1024328165
Ucchusma (base)---121
Ucchusma (back dŽcor)---46
Fudo (main)1024328165
Fudo (base)---121
Fudo (back dŽcor)---242
Lotus Lamps (2 pc)---66

Photos of Statues

Please see our Facebook album.

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