Amitabha! Thank you for your support.True Buddha Temple accepts online credit card payment and PayPal payment, but because the temple has not yet set up an online store, PayPal is still temporarily used to process online payment. PayPal is an American e-commerce company that provides a highly secure online payment system. There are two payment methods:

Payment Method #1 - Pay With The Donate Button Below:

  1. Select an option A, B, or C (self-set amount) in the drop down menu below and click the Donate button. You will then be taken to the PayPal website's payment page.
  2. Before payment, if you need to indicate payment details, you can check "Write a note" and fill in the details in the Note area.
  3. PayPal supports payment with PayPal (login to PayPal account required) as well as with the credit cards listed below. Please choose a payment method to complete the payment.

Payment Method #2 - If You Have A PayPal Account:

  • After logging into PayPal (, use the temple's PayPal ID: to pay.

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